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Winter Project Update

So, as some of you blog followers know, I found this old tank behind Craig Knott’s house, and I  wanted to build something out of it. So here is an update. I’ll probably post a final Before and After photo once I get it painted and looking decent. It’s rough right now. But it’ll get there.

I found some scrap wire weave in the junk pile, so I cut a circle out.


This was the updated hinge, I wanted something I could easily pull out to get the door off.


Here is the door handle, I built from a piece of pipe, and an old truck spring.

Here is the old truck exhaust, complete with a chrome tip (that needs shined up.)


Here is the hole we cut with the plasma cutter to fit the truck exhaust.


After we got it all welded in and set up, we decided to give it a trial run. so we got a fire started in it.


It still needs sanded, cleaned, and painted, but its defiantly a start. should be good to cook on by June with some minor tweaks.



Until next time.

I think that catches me up for the past month. hopefully it doesn’t take me this long to post again.


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Project update

I went to viola today to work on my winter project, the stove. I cut the door out, and built hinges.

Here’s the photos. (keep in mind I can’t weld worth a damn, so grandpa/dad had to help me out after I left.)
Used the plasma torch to cut the door out.


Welded hinges on the body, and the door.



The next step will be to weld the body/tank to the base, an old Mack brake drum.

Until next time

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