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Rusty Dog

So, It’s taken me a while to write about this. I needed the time to heal up some. and It’ll probably get pretty sappy towards the end.

Back when I was younger, I think 4th grade, there was a petting zoo at some event at the Elementary School in Potlatch. Along with the normal farm animals, ducks, goats, chickens, etc., they had puppies. I from the moment I laid eyes on this puppy wanted it. Only one problem at the time: How to convince my parents to let me keep him.

So I ran up to my dad, asked him if I could keep the dog. I remember him telling me to ask my mom (“surely there was no way she will let him get a dog” I’m sure was going through his head). So I ran to my mom, and both parents were unsure, so I resorted to begging. “Please, Please, I’ll take care of him everyday” (I know this vividly, because I get made fun of still over this begging).  And for some reason that day, they gave into my puppy dog eyes, over the puppy dog eyes I had been so overtaken with.

For some reason, I remember really odd random facts. Like I remember losing 10$ in cash that day, because I had the bill in the waistband of my shorts (didn’t have any pockets). I reason I lost this ten dollar bill was because I was sprinting to get my dog my parents had given me the ok for. That sweet little puppy would be named after my favorite racecar driver. Rusty Wallace.

From then on Rusty was nothing short of Man’s best friend. I will always remember the times we used to run around in the woods behind my parents house, or in the fields surrounding them. I’ll also never forget his bout with Parvo, in which he had to stay at the vet for a period of time.

(Here’s an earlier picture of Rusty [left])

He was a fit slender dog for half of his life until we had to start chaining him up in the backyard (Issues with Neighbors [long story and for another time]). That’s when he got fat, even then he lived a long full life, hell, he was with me for more than half of my life as I know it.

I write about this because Britt and I had to have Rusty put down last week. Obviously not an easy decision given how long he has been around. Unfortunetly, the right decisions are not always the easy ones. It didn’t quite hit me until I had loaded him up taking him down to the Vet. As soon as we started driving I lost it. Thankfully Britt was with me, and she gave me the strength to be with him in his final seconds.

We took him up to the only place we thought was apporiate; Meadow Creek. We picked a perfect spot, overlooking the entire meadow. I also found a perfect rock to mark his spot. Now he can watch over the place, and keep an eye on things.

RIP Rusty. I young kid couldn’t of asked for a better dog.

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Doggy Door Project

One thing Britt and I wanted to make sure of when we were apartment hunting a few months back, was that we had a fenced yard, so both of our minds were at ease with the boys (Maclin and Axel).

We did find a place, but the fenced yard was more of a sideyard, and didn’t have an access door. So Britt and I decided to build a Window doggy door.

First off, you need to understand the layout of our apartment. We live in an old house in Genesee, This particular house was split into two apartments, one upper, one lower. We live in the lower apartment. We have stairs leading up to a window, that is then walled off, because it used to be an old staircase from before the house split into two living units.

Ok! So we started by buying a big piece 5/8″ plywood and cut it to the size of our window. From there we made a cutout to fit the doggy door (just a standard $30 doggy door). Then had to add an outline of wood, so that the doggy door would fit properly. From there we threw some paint at it.

Then we screwed on the doggy door, and placed it into the window. 

We just calked the seams, so we didn’t have any water or air come in. As you can see in the picture, we had to sand part of the inside. When we painted it, the wood swelled enough it didn’t fit in the groove of the window. And some of you may be asking how the dogs get from the door to the ground outside? The window is actually only a foot or so from the ground. So we built some stairs out of some cement blocks and gorilla glued them into place.

It’s worked pretty good for our pups the last few months. and was a fun, quick little project.


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Maclin turns 3!

3 years ago our baby boy Maclin was born.
(Yes, that’s a rawhide birthday card)


Happy Birthday Maclin

Have a good day all.

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Our little ones… Part 2

The second half of our children has an equally unique story.

After about a year and a half of having Mac, we decided we needed another dog. so again, we started to look around, but this time (becoming more savvy dog owners) we decided we wanted to do our part and adopt.

Adoption for me is a funny thing, full of pros and cons. Obvious pros; your helping a dog more likely to be euthanized than adopted. However, you’re getting an unkown commodity, does it have temperament issues, is it set in its ways as far as training goes (especially house-training), and does it come from a line of dogs with medical issues, etc. So we knew we were going to adopt, but we also were going to be extremely picky, because we knew we wanted a young dog.

So we took to Pet Finder. At first we wanted to find a dog from around this area, so our distance limit was 100 miles…there was one in (Walla Walla), but we wanted multiple options. Then it was 150 miles…Nothing. then it was 250…Again, nothing. So then we put in 350, and we found our second option, in Portland Oregon. I then contacted both places, and decided that my odds of landing both dogs were slim, so I put an application in for both. And as luck would have it, I was given the rights to both dogs. Now the next dilemma was upon us. Which one do we choose?

The one in Walla Walla was a tan colored Min Pin, had been owned by an older gentleman, who just couldn’t handle him. The Portland dog was a chocolate color, but his story was much more unique. Portland dog was actually from California, the owner of the rescue service/adoption place had gone down to get a few dogs from California. When she arrived, the place where she was getting the dogs said they had 15 more that needed to go or else they would be euthanized at the end of the day. So, she took them, even though she had no room for them. Portland Dog was one of the 15 deemed to be euthanized. So we picked Portland dog (How couldn’t you after hearing that story?). Since we won the rights to both dogs, I talked my mother into taking the Walla Walla dog.

So the next part was traveling all the way to Portland to get our new addition. We borrowed Britt’s mom’s car, and I got a Saturday off from work to go get the little guy. When we got to the Petco where we were to meet our newest puppy, I was so giddy. I was channeling my inner Maclin, I was so anxious. And just like with Maclin, as soon as we saw Axel, held Axel, and walked Axel around the store. We were done, and Axel was our new “baby boy”. So we then embarked on our trip back to Idaho. He was the quietest dog on the way home. We were shocked (based on our prior experiences with Mac).

Boy, did we strike adoption gold. Axel has been an absolute joy to be around. Nothing makes this pup more excited than to play with his beloved ball (one of three that he hides in various places around our house). He has also learned the same tricks as Maclin, but just isn’t as consistent in doing them. But he has learned one thing Mac hasn’t, and that’s to army crawl under our chairs. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch. Now, if Britt or I say “Axel, Hide” he runs and goes under the chair.

However, with the good comes the bad, and like I discussed earlier, there are some pros and cons. Axel, who is blessed with an amazing temperament, is not so blessed medically (nothing serious thank goodness). He had just been neutered when we got him, so his scar site had gotten infected. Then (and this is the most scary one) his immune system was down, which made him prone to a type of mite that dogs usually have on them anyway. this caused him to lose his hair, and boy oh boy, the poor dog looked like death. After about 3 different types of medications we finally got it under control and taken care of (thanks to Dr. Myers).

So that’s it. That’s our dog’s stories. Each is unique, and each has made Britt and I happier than happy, and madder than mad.

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Our little ones…Part 1

Something I haven’t blogged about in my short time on here is my two beloved dogs. B.Maree and I have had 2 lovely (85% of the time) little Min Pins for a few years now, one black (Maclin) and one red/or chocolate (Axel).

3 years ago, Britt and I decided we needed a dog, so we started looking. At first I wanted, no, I NEEDED a Jack Russell Terrier, it was the only dog I was going to settle, even after reading how anxious and hard to train they could be. Luckily, Britt and some AKC representatives talked me out of it (thank god in hindsight). So we started looking for other small dogs.

One night while working on ICU, I was looking through the classifieds in the paper and spotted a small add with no pictures. The ad said something about AKC registered Miniature Pinscher puppies. To be honest, I’d never heard of the little things before. Never. So, like any internet user I googled it. And Boy, since I hit that search button, I have loved ’em ever since. So obviously I called the number that night while on my lunch and set up a time to meet the sellers the next day.

I remember talking to Britt that night about our prospective pet. I remember Britt trying to tell me to not get my hopes up, that it might not be the right dog, etc, etc.

The next day, an hour before our meeting, we went to Walmart and bought everything we would need for a dog. Leashes, collars, beds, food, bowls, treats, toys, and then some. Then we went and met the owners, and they brought out the smallest little puppy, and as soon as Britt held him, it was over, he was coming home with us and Maclin did.

He has been Britt’s “sweet boy” ever since. He does have some anxiety issues, but we obviously still love him (sometimes he’s so bad, we both don’t know why). I worked really hard with him in the beginning so he would learn some cool tricks. He knows how to sit, lay, roll-over, play dead, jump on cue, just doesn’t know how to not run off!

He has grown on us, and we spoil him like a child. Maclin is set to turn 3 this July (that’s 28 in dog years). His first Birthday (yes we celebrate our dogs birthday’s) we ordered him food from Applebees. and his second Birthday we got him a dog house.



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