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Pork Chile Verde

While Britt and I were in Palm Springs, we had some Mexican food at this awesome restaurant Downtown. I had a Pork Chile Verde Burrito. O.M.G. it was SOOO good.

So for News Years Eve Britt and I wanted to cook for Austin and Michele in there new house. So when we did some research, the best, and easiest recipe I found was from So we bought 3.5 lbs of Pork Shoulder and gave it a try. I so wish I would have taken all kinds of pictures of the process, but didn’t want to because we were cooking in our friends new house, and were trying to be as quick as possible.

The recipe was pretty simple, however, the hardest part was finding some of the ingredients. I couldn’t find any tomatillos, but eventually found some canned ones at Winco in Moscow. I later found fresh ones (although they were really expensive) at Rosauers in Moscow. It’s a great hang out, dinner party type of recipe.

Below is the Link to the recipe. so so good! Thank you Food Network!!!

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So Britt and I went to Palm Springs on the honeymoon. Flight was pretty good, Grandma’s timeshare was awesome, and weather was excellent.

The highlight of the trip was the Balloon ride. But we did plenty of good stuff besides the Hot Air Balloon. And I’m tired, so I don’t feel like typing anymore….

On to the Pictures!!!

Airport Arrival


Tramway ride.


BBQ at the timeshare.


Thursday was the Balloon ride.  so fun


as soon as we landed we had a picnic style brunch. So good. Complete with Mimosas


That night we went to a steak house downtown. It was Excellent


Britt cooking us some hamburgers.


Rolling Rock baby!


Again, thank you to everybody who helped out with the wedding and that made our wedding and honeymoon as special as it was.


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