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The visor is coming to Philly!!!!

Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Wallpaper M 1920 x 1408 Motorola Xoom

What a turn of events!!!!!

The Eagles hired Chip Kelly today after he initially turned down the team (I think a week ago). I was wishy-washy about it the whole time, on one hand I wanted a Defensive mind, but at the same time I wanted someone who could take advantage of the current offensive talent (minus the QB position).


It was believed that the Eagles were turned down by 3 high profile college coaches (Chip Kelly, O’brien, and Brian Kelly). It was also said that the Eagles were being used to get raises by their current employers. However, it sounds like the eagles used Brian Kelly to lure back Chip. and it seems to of worked.

Was also reading that the big sticking point in the first meeting was that the Eagles didn’t want to give an unproven commodity in Chip Kelly, the keys to the franchise by giving him say over personnel, just like Andy Reid had.

It will be interesting to see who they hire at DC. Look for it to be like a second head coach. Kelly will handle the Offense, and the DC will basically be a second HC and will handle the Defense.

This is a classic High Risk High Reward move. The Eagles will look like geniuses if it works out, but will look like absolute fools if it doesn’t work out. It will be interesting to see where we are at a few years down the road.

Until next time.


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Farewell Big Red

On Black Monday (the day all the NFL coaches get fired) the Eagles bid farewell to Andy Reid AKA Big Red, The longest active tenured Coach in the NFL, he had been with the Eagles the previous 14 years, however after a 4-12 season, it was time for a change.

It was fairly bittersweet for me, as Reid is the only coach I’ve known since I’ve been an Eagles fan. I’ve had the opportunity to watch him coach on two occasions, both in Seattle. I don’t know if any of you know how big Reid is, but he is even bigger in person. I was about 10 feet from him at one point, and he is easily 2-2 1/2 of me.

Anyhow, Farewell Reid, I’m sure you won’t be out of coaching long, as it is currently being reported you will be the next head coach of the Chiefs.

Here are my top 5 Eagle Moments under Reid:

5. 4th and 26.

4. Eagles beat Cowboys 44-6 (Romo chokes again).

3. Onside kick to start the 2000 Season vs. Cowboys “Pickle Juice Game”

2. Eagles beat Falcons to go to the Super Bowl

1. Miracle at the Meadow lands 2010


I honestly hope the Eagles go defensive with the next coach, but we shall see. It appears as if they are really high on Oregon’s Chip Kelly and are set to interview him this weekend. We shall see where it goes.



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Eagles Win Thriller; move to 3-1

For the first time this season the Eagles played a turnover free game. It came at a good time as Philadelphia played the division rival Giants.

Vick played an efficient game, and the Eagles showed they still have redzone struggles. Alex Henery got plenty of work Sunday night kicking 4FGs. It came down the final minute again, Giants kicker Lawerence Tynes lined up for a long field goal, and missed. But Andy Reid had called a timeout before the snap (it looked late to me!). So Tynes got another shot, and he kicked it right down the middle…only problem was; it bounced in the endzone. game over, Eagles win.

Going forward the Eagles need to continue feeding McCoy the bulk of the workload. I mean a minimum of 20-25 touches a game.

Philadelphia 19 New York 17

DeSean caught the Eagles sole TD of the game.

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Eagles Win again!

It’s Eagle Wednesday!

Another week, another win, another sloppy game.

The Eagles looked great on the first drive as I watched in the break room at work. Vick drove the team right down the field into the endzone, then threw an interception. I thought to myself, here we go again. It happened 2 more times for a total of 3 redzone turnovers. The week before we beat Cleveland after committing 5 turnovers, surely that was a one time thing, I thought to myself. But again, Vick showed his true colors in the 4th quarter leading the Eagles to another comeback victory.

The story of this game however, had nothing to do with the players. The Refs were terrible, god awful. The game was slow, multiple fights, and pushing matches were going on after almost every other play. And the biggest flaw to me (Biased of course) was the blown call with 1:55 left on the clock. Vick through an incomplete pass that was incorrectly ruled a fumble. I mean this one wasn’t even close. However, the officiating was terrible all around. Both team had some lousy calls, both teams got away with a lot. Most glaring was DeSean Jackson thrown punch. That is usually an automatic ejected. Yet, the refs let it go. Poor game, but an acceptable result.

Eagles 24 Ravens 23

Again this week, they need to clean up the turnover problem. They can’t keep winning this way.

And here’s my Photo of the game. Brent Celek hurdles Ed Reed. Reed is the best Safety in the game today, if not ever to play the game. Needless to say, this type of thing doesn’t happen to him all that often. (and he intercepted a pass on the next play).

Next week Philly plays at Arizona. They play the Kolb, whom they traded to the Cardinals in return for a Defensive Starter (DRC) and an 2nd round draft pick. Arizona’s Defense has been very good as of late. DeSean will have his hand’s full with Arizona’s corners, most notably, Patrick Peterson.

I think Eagles clean up their turnover problem and advance to 3-0.

Eagles win 31-17

See ya next week.


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Eagles Win!

The Eagles played the Browns this week. The best part of this game was the Defense, the Eagles played lights out. They forced B. Weeden into bad situations and 4 interceptions. However, the Browns were still in it up until the final minutes because M. Vick matched Weeden’s 4 INTs.  It was Kurt Coleman’s second interception of the game, in the final minute that sealed it for the Eagles.

Eagles over the Browns 17-16


Next week the Eagles play the Ravens. The Ravens looked unstoppable Monday, while crushing the Bengals. If Mike Vick plays like he did against the Bengals, it will get ugly, early. The Matchup for me to watch will be Eagles new MLB D. Ryans vs. Ravens Pro Bowl RB R. Rice.

We shall see.

In other quick news. My Fantasy team lead by B. Green-Ellis, B.Marshall, and LeSean McCoy won.


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