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Dad’s mailbox.

Dad had his mailbox run over. So he wanted a new one with some pop.


Taped it off and painted some white stripes.


Added “Gunderson” to the side. It was a pain because I had to do it with a razor blade.


Finished product, on its new post. Hopefully nobody hits it for a while.


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Mailbox Project

So a few months ago, I fixed our mailbox. When we moved in it looked like this…

It’s pretty cool looking, but has seen it’s years and thousands of pieces of mail.

So I wanted to do something nice for our landlord, so I fixed it. No, not fixed I guess, replaced. So I went and bought a new mailbox and some wood. and this is what I ended with.

As you can see, totally revamped it. The only regret, is that I put too big of numbers on the side.

Until next time.


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