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This week I’ve been putting in work up at the hideout. Sunday Britt and I got to go up. While I mowed she tested out the hammocks and read a book.
I also sprayed weeds with some weed killer dad bought from the chemical company he sometimes hauls for. Man that stuff kills some grass. I sprayed around the firepit and horseshoe pits to kill the stuff so I don’t have to weed eat later.
Then on Monday I fixed the ditch/lip that was the major obstacle in getting across the meadow. I then put a temporary plastic tube in to divert the water.
Then on Wednesday I transplanted some trees. I’ll be honest, I have no clue how to transplant trees, so hopefully they take and don’t die, because it sure was time consuming.
Hopefullybpeople come camping with us over Labor day, because I sure am putting in a lot of work up there.
Here’s one of the trees I planted.


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