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The visor is coming to Philly!!!!

Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Wallpaper M 1920 x 1408 Motorola Xoom

What a turn of events!!!!!

The Eagles hired Chip Kelly today after he initially turned down the team (I think a week ago). I was wishy-washy about it the whole time, on one hand I wanted a Defensive mind, but at the same time I wanted someone who could take advantage of the current offensive talent (minus the QB position).


It was believed that the Eagles were turned down by 3 high profile college coaches (Chip Kelly, O’brien, and Brian Kelly). It was also said that the Eagles were being used to get raises by their current employers. However, it sounds like the eagles used Brian Kelly to lure back Chip. and it seems to of worked.

Was also reading that the big sticking point in the first meeting was that the Eagles didn’t want to give an unproven commodity in Chip Kelly, the keys to the franchise by giving him say over personnel, just like Andy Reid had.

It will be interesting to see who they hire at DC. Look for it to be like a second head coach. Kelly will handle the Offense, and the DC will basically be a second HC and will handle the Defense.

This is a classic High Risk High Reward move. The Eagles will look like geniuses if it works out, but will look like absolute fools if it doesn’t work out. It will be interesting to see where we are at a few years down the road.

Until next time.


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