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Trip to Coeur d’alene 12*15*12

The first weekend after we got back from Palm Springs we went to Coeur d’alene to see and spend the night at our friend’s (Shout out to Austin and Michele) new house. While the Girls had an ‘all-girl’ party, we took Austin’s 18 month old son to Hooter’s for dinner with some Friends. Man that kid was funny. He would break his neck in his high chair trying to look at all the girl’s butts.

After dinner we dropped the little one off with his grand-parents and went out on the town for a bit (first time I’ve been out in CDA). It wasn’t too bad, but the more that I go to bars, the more I realize that I am a simple person, I’d much rather sit around the house with a small group and B.S. over drinks…

Anyhow, getting back to that Saturday night, Austin’s woman wasn’t able to be at our wedding, so we took the pictures, and video up there so she could see Austin’s hilarious speech. and some of the pictures. We had a blast, but had to bounce early to go home to Genesee so we could get our dogs out of there Kennels (My Sister, Shanda, had watched them the night before).

But we had a great time, and I’m happy and thankful I am surrounded by such amazing people.


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Rusty Dog

So, It’s taken me a while to write about this. I needed the time to heal up some. and It’ll probably get pretty sappy towards the end.

Back when I was younger, I think 4th grade, there was a petting zoo at some event at the Elementary School in Potlatch. Along with the normal farm animals, ducks, goats, chickens, etc., they had puppies. I from the moment I laid eyes on this puppy wanted it. Only one problem at the time: How to convince my parents to let me keep him.

So I ran up to my dad, asked him if I could keep the dog. I remember him telling me to ask my mom (“surely there was no way she will let him get a dog” I’m sure was going through his head). So I ran to my mom, and both parents were unsure, so I resorted to begging. “Please, Please, I’ll take care of him everyday” (I know this vividly, because I get made fun of still over this begging).  And for some reason that day, they gave into my puppy dog eyes, over the puppy dog eyes I had been so overtaken with.

For some reason, I remember really odd random facts. Like I remember losing 10$ in cash that day, because I had the bill in the waistband of my shorts (didn’t have any pockets). I reason I lost this ten dollar bill was because I was sprinting to get my dog my parents had given me the ok for. That sweet little puppy would be named after my favorite racecar driver. Rusty Wallace.

From then on Rusty was nothing short of Man’s best friend. I will always remember the times we used to run around in the woods behind my parents house, or in the fields surrounding them. I’ll also never forget his bout with Parvo, in which he had to stay at the vet for a period of time.

(Here’s an earlier picture of Rusty [left])

He was a fit slender dog for half of his life until we had to start chaining him up in the backyard (Issues with Neighbors [long story and for another time]). That’s when he got fat, even then he lived a long full life, hell, he was with me for more than half of my life as I know it.

I write about this because Britt and I had to have Rusty put down last week. Obviously not an easy decision given how long he has been around. Unfortunetly, the right decisions are not always the easy ones. It didn’t quite hit me until I had loaded him up taking him down to the Vet. As soon as we started driving I lost it. Thankfully Britt was with me, and she gave me the strength to be with him in his final seconds.

We took him up to the only place we thought was apporiate; Meadow Creek. We picked a perfect spot, overlooking the entire meadow. I also found a perfect rock to mark his spot. Now he can watch over the place, and keep an eye on things.

RIP Rusty. I young kid couldn’t of asked for a better dog.

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Doggy Door Project

One thing Britt and I wanted to make sure of when we were apartment hunting a few months back, was that we had a fenced yard, so both of our minds were at ease with the boys (Maclin and Axel).

We did find a place, but the fenced yard was more of a sideyard, and didn’t have an access door. So Britt and I decided to build a Window doggy door.

First off, you need to understand the layout of our apartment. We live in an old house in Genesee, This particular house was split into two apartments, one upper, one lower. We live in the lower apartment. We have stairs leading up to a window, that is then walled off, because it used to be an old staircase from before the house split into two living units.

Ok! So we started by buying a big piece 5/8″ plywood and cut it to the size of our window. From there we made a cutout to fit the doggy door (just a standard $30 doggy door). Then had to add an outline of wood, so that the doggy door would fit properly. From there we threw some paint at it.

Then we screwed on the doggy door, and placed it into the window. 

We just calked the seams, so we didn’t have any water or air come in. As you can see in the picture, we had to sand part of the inside. When we painted it, the wood swelled enough it didn’t fit in the groove of the window. And some of you may be asking how the dogs get from the door to the ground outside? The window is actually only a foot or so from the ground. So we built some stairs out of some cement blocks and gorilla glued them into place.

It’s worked pretty good for our pups the last few months. and was a fun, quick little project.


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Labor Day Projects

Well, to get ready for the big Labor day trip, we had some work to do.

Britts Dad helped me do a few things, mow and more importanly, finish my tarp-gazebo-hammock cover.

But more importantly we finished the kennel. We wanted something to keep the dogs in, so we could go on a ride, and not worry about anything getting our pups. It was actually really simple to do. This is the frame.

Then we put the chain link up. and I built a sign to put on the front out of some leftover wood. You can also see the frame of the hammock cover to the left of the picture that Britt’s dad built.

We just made sure we had a tarp on the top and on at least one side during the day, so the dogs had plenty of shade.

And just recently, on the way home from a Fire Meeting, I found a dog house on the side of the road with a “free” sign on it. so they have shelter now, instead of their little kennels.

The hideout is quickly becoming our summer home…or tent. whatever.


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Maclin turns 3!

3 years ago our baby boy Maclin was born.
(Yes, that’s a rawhide birthday card)


Happy Birthday Maclin

Have a good day all.

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