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Baby dresser.

This all started because Britt wanted to paint the baby’s room. Because we lived in a rental at the time, we couldn’t paint the room. So we figured painting furniture was the next best thing.

So Britt went on the hunt and found a desert while I was down at POST. This beauty.


Now I’ll be honest. I was skeptical of this dresser and Britt knows it. But we pressed on.

First I tried to sand it and strain it. Terrible idea. So we scratched that plan. Then the next hurdle was finding handles that weren’t so…well…ugly. Because it’s old as balls, it had a goofy size.

Like I said, I was skeptical…well Britt, in her infinite wisdom, came up with the solution, which seems obvious in hindsight. Fill the holes and drill new ones.

So we did.


Next was primer.


Don’t forget the drawers.


Next was the deep brown paint for the dresser.


You can see the drawers in the bottom right.


And the almost finished product.


I think we will add some Dr. Seuss flair to the drawers or something. And some type of book holder on the sides.

The before and after.


Until next time

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Dad’s mailbox.

Dad had his mailbox run over. So he wanted a new one with some pop.


Taped it off and painted some white stripes.


Added “Gunderson” to the side. It was a pain because I had to do it with a razor blade.


Finished product, on its new post. Hopefully nobody hits it for a while.


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Winter Project Update

So, as some of you blog followers know, I found this old tank behind Craig Knott’s house, and I  wanted to build something out of it. So here is an update. I’ll probably post a final Before and After photo once I get it painted and looking decent. It’s rough right now. But it’ll get there.

I found some scrap wire weave in the junk pile, so I cut a circle out.


This was the updated hinge, I wanted something I could easily pull out to get the door off.


Here is the door handle, I built from a piece of pipe, and an old truck spring.

Here is the old truck exhaust, complete with a chrome tip (that needs shined up.)


Here is the hole we cut with the plasma cutter to fit the truck exhaust.


After we got it all welded in and set up, we decided to give it a trial run. so we got a fire started in it.


It still needs sanded, cleaned, and painted, but its defiantly a start. should be good to cook on by June with some minor tweaks.



Until next time.

I think that catches me up for the past month. hopefully it doesn’t take me this long to post again.


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Wedding Day 12*1*12

So, after a 2 1/2 year engagement, Britt and I finally tied the knot on December 1st. I think/hope everybody had a good time. and as I suspected, 2 kegs was not going to be enough. but here are some of the pictures from a busy day. Almost all the stuff you will see, decorations wise, Britt made. All the center pieces, the cake topper, the smores bar, etc etc. Lol, and Everything is for sale!!!

One of the center pieces Britt made. She did such a great job with all of them, but this is my favorite.


The Smores bar we built. Filled up and ready to go. We donated it to an organization in Potlatch after the wedding.

Our Cake Lady did an absolutely fantastic job. We had about 7 different kinds of cake too. Complete with our Homemade Penguin Toppers. I made the groom, Britt made the Bride. 

A picture of our rings after the ceremony.



This is easily my favorite Picture of us guys while Austin is giving his speech. Scott did a great job too, absolutely amazed at how he stepped up for the whole thing.


Don’t ever buy Almond Champagne. I am not a fan. 

Britt and I playing the Shoe game. DSC_6608-2



Going for the butt grab. DSC_6628


And Lastly, a Big thank you from Mr. and Mrs. Gunderson. and an even bigger thank you to every body that helped the day of. We couldn’t of done it without you. (sidenote; gotta love the blue Nikes)


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7 Pictures.

I was bored at work, and figured I’d try something new on here. I wan’t to post 7 pictures that sum up my week by day. And I’ll attempt (no promises) to do this every week.

So here goes nothing;

Monday- Helped finish Dad’s table and got it to his house.


Tuesday-I worked on Dad’s xmas present. Pretty much finished, just need to clean it up a little.


Wednesday- I met with Britt after she got off work, ran some errands, then finished shopping for my groomsmen gifts. but it was relaxing in a hot house that was the best part of that day.


Thursday-Thanksgiving! on the new table. (ya, I’m a little proud of the table). Dad got chairs the night before. They match pretty darn good.

Friday- Day after thanksgiving xmas decorating! While I was at work, Britt went to Potlatch and helped her mom decorate (yearly tradition). Britt also grabbed our new xmas tree. (so sad that it’s fake….)

Saturday- Darren and Kori hosted thanksgiving. I got off work a little early so B and I could make it on time. Scott and Darren were supervising the turkey while it was frying. So a few of us supervised them…

Sunday- Just another weekend workday….passed the time by watching some Psych.


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