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Happy Goundhog Day!

Today Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, thus spring is on it’s way!


What does this mean for this Idahodian? It means camping season is getting closer! As some of you blog followers may know, I took a trip out to the Hideout a few weeks ago. There’s about 2-3 feet of snow, so if it does melt fairly quickly in the coming weeks, it’s gonna make for one sloppy mess!

I don’t have many plans for the hideout this year (not yet anyway). I really want to focus on cleaning the area up, leveling out some ground, and fixing everything winter has broken.

One thing I have been putting a lot of thought into, was trying to make some type of shelter, so I could keep my stuff up there during the weeks that I’m not there, oh and also sleep in it. That tends to be the biggest hassle when going up there for a few days, packing ALL of our camping gear, just to pack it all back a few days later. I’ve thought of everything from a simple shed, to a Pallet Cabin, to a school bus, to a van, even a camper (which I claim I’ll never buy, cuz, well, that’s not real camping). So stay tuned. I’ll have some new idea cooked up soon…I’m Sure…



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Winter Hideout Visit

I wanted to go out to the property to see how much snow there was out there this time of year. But because they don’t plow the roads out there in the winter, and because I don’t have a snowmobile, I had to snow shoe in. Which I estimate is about a 1.5 mile walk. So I pushed the Toyota in there as far as I could, and started walking.

I’ve never used snow shoes before, so it was quite an adventure, I was told in advance to expect to go face first into the snow a few times, which I only did once.

My Feet

One of the first things I saw was some elk. It felt like I hadn’t seen one in years. Saw some big ole turkeys too.

The Meadow


Meadow Creek

Our Sign

Leaving the property


Finally, back at my pickup, first time on snow shoes was a success

The only think I was a little disappointed with was that I didn’t get to look around the property more, but I was so exhausted from using those shoes that I needed to get back as soon as I could before I got too tired.


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Winter Project Update

So, as some of you blog followers know, I found this old tank behind Craig Knott’s house, and I  wanted to build something out of it. So here is an update. I’ll probably post a final Before and After photo once I get it painted and looking decent. It’s rough right now. But it’ll get there.

I found some scrap wire weave in the junk pile, so I cut a circle out.


This was the updated hinge, I wanted something I could easily pull out to get the door off.


Here is the door handle, I built from a piece of pipe, and an old truck spring.

Here is the old truck exhaust, complete with a chrome tip (that needs shined up.)


Here is the hole we cut with the plasma cutter to fit the truck exhaust.


After we got it all welded in and set up, we decided to give it a trial run. so we got a fire started in it.


It still needs sanded, cleaned, and painted, but its defiantly a start. should be good to cook on by June with some minor tweaks.



Until next time.

I think that catches me up for the past month. hopefully it doesn’t take me this long to post again.


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Everclear. Apple. Pie.

So while at this ugly sweater party we went to on Dec. 21st. I discovered Apple Pie Everclear. For some reason, I just could sit down and drink apple pie stuff all night. This guy had built some Apple pie Everclear just before coming. and Idk if any of you have seen everclear (probably a dumb statement) but you can get it at 151 proof (75% Alcohol), and 195 proof (95% Alcohol). I believe the 195 proof is illegal in Idaho, a lot of folks jump over the border to Montana to buy it. Anyhow, this stuff was amazing. I saw it said everclear, and I don’t typically do well with Hard-A, unfortunately, or fortunately, (however you look at it) it comes back up really quickly after I take it.

Here’s a picture of the Everclear label, if y’all haven’t seen it.


So I prepared to take this disgusting shot of Everclear, knowing that I would probably be running to the bathroom shortly thereafter, and as it hit my lips I rejoiced! it tasted like APPLE PIE! didn’t even burn! So, now I think I need to make a trip to Montana to buy this alcohol so I can make some myself. I sipped maybe two shots out of a Solo cup and I started to feel it, so I don’t know what the percentage of it was, but I need to figure this stuff out so I can have it out  at the Hideout next summer. Fill up some old mason jars and drink it from those.

Luckily, I had my smarts about me that night, so I asked the kid how to make it, expecting to be told it was some secret family recipe or something, and he told me exactly how to build it, I think he was pretty proud of his concoction.

Anyhow, Expect to see this at Lola’s Hideout this summer….I may or may not remember…




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Project update

I went to viola today to work on my winter project, the stove. I cut the door out, and built hinges.

Here’s the photos. (keep in mind I can’t weld worth a damn, so grandpa/dad had to help me out after I left.)
Used the plasma torch to cut the door out.


Welded hinges on the body, and the door.



The next step will be to weld the body/tank to the base, an old Mack brake drum.

Until next time

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