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Steelhead fishing

This last Saturday I went with my Father-in-Law, Chuck, fishing on the Clearwater. Chuck’s Twin Brothers and one of their kids also came. Instead of going on the boat we fished off the bank. Which actually wasn’t too bad. I didn’t have any luck, but the Chuck and his Brother Jerry did. They each caught 1. I didn’t even have a bite!! So Frustrating, but I had a good time. It’s really relaxing for me. Listening to Chuck’s twin Brothers bicker really makes me laugh too.

On a good note, I was able to wear my new bib-overalls that B.Maree got me for Christmas, they worked really nice, kept me nice and warm!

Here are the pictures.

Beautiful Morning on the Clearwater

Me, catching….well, nothing…


Bait shrimp, Beer, and Cigars


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So Britt and I went to Palm Springs on the honeymoon. Flight was pretty good, Grandma’s timeshare was awesome, and weather was excellent.

The highlight of the trip was the Balloon ride. But we did plenty of good stuff besides the Hot Air Balloon. And I’m tired, so I don’t feel like typing anymore….

On to the Pictures!!!

Airport Arrival


Tramway ride.


BBQ at the timeshare.


Thursday was the Balloon ride.  so fun


as soon as we landed we had a picnic style brunch. So good. Complete with Mimosas


That night we went to a steak house downtown. It was Excellent


Britt cooking us some hamburgers.


Rolling Rock baby!


Again, thank you to everybody who helped out with the wedding and that made our wedding and honeymoon as special as it was.


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Dads Christmas present

So for Dad’s Christmas present, I figured I’d build him something for his revamped/uncluttered Garage. And beings that we are a beer drinking family, I figured I could build him a Cap collage.

First I grabbed some old pieces of wood that I found in his garage when I cleaned it out a month or so ago. Then I painted “Jeff’s Garage” on it.


Then I had to find a 1 1/8″ hole saw. Which was tough to find in a set without buying a brand new one. (I ended up borrowing one from Britt’s dad). So I used Grandpa Chuck’s drill press to ensure even/level holes.



Then Britt and I carefully placed the 102 caps needed to fill every hole.

Then came the hardest part. making the pry-off caps fit. See when you pry off the caps with an opener, it bends the metal so the cap can come free. so I took a pair of plyers and bent them back into shape the best I could….it sucked.

Then Britt and I started glueing them in.image

Then the Finished Product.


The last step will be to shine up the Caps

Merry Christmas Dad.

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