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Jeeesh. Has it been this long….

So much has gone on since I last posted on here.

I’m back from my 10 weeks in Boise. I have a baby GIRL about to be born. I’m about to buy a house. I’m currently living in Potlatch, ID. and I have an awesome wife (yes, you B. Maree). Holy crap, 2013 has been a crazy, yet stressful, year.

I have had an absolutely uneventful summer. I have been consumed by work, which was to be expected this year. Next year I plan on spending every waking moment at the hideout. Especially since I plan on living within 15 minutes of the hideout, rather than 60. I am so happy that I can just go out to Meadow Creek without having to plan a whole weekend around it.

Dogs are good. Maclin is as crazy and annoying (at times) as ever. Axel still doesn’t care what goes on, as long as he gets his food at 5pm and 4:30AM (which is really annoying, by the way).  

Shout out to my buddy (and Groomsman) Austin who proposed to his long time girlfriend Michele.

Until next time. I’m sure I’ll start posting more regularly again (or at least I hope to).


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