Pork Chile Verde

While Britt and I were in Palm Springs, we had some Mexican food at this awesome restaurant Downtown. I had a Pork Chile Verde Burrito. O.M.G. it was SOOO good.

So for News Years Eve Britt and I wanted to cook for Austin and Michele in there new house. So when we did some research, the best, and easiest recipe I found was from So we bought 3.5 lbs of Pork Shoulder and gave it a try. I so wish I would have taken all kinds of pictures of the process, but didn’t want to because we were cooking in our friends new house, and were trying to be as quick as possible.

The recipe was pretty simple, however, the hardest part was finding some of the ingredients. I couldn’t find any tomatillos, but eventually found some canned ones at Winco in Moscow. I later found fresh ones (although they were really expensive) at Rosauers in Moscow. It’s a great hang out, dinner party type of recipe.

Below is the Link to the recipe. so so good! Thank you Food Network!!!

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Sunday fishing.


Chuck took me Steelhead fishing for the first time last weekend at Heller Bar. Had a good time. Caught 10 total, but this was the only keeper.


I also caught this:


Anyhow, Had a great time!

Until the next adventure.



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Beers, Cigars, and Fish.

So, this may sound crazy, but Ive never fished off of a boat before. So when B.Maree’s dad invited me along for a day of fishing, I jumped at the chance to go.

Our morning was to start pretty early, so Chuck wanted me to just come stay the night at his house, so I cooked them some dinner.

MMMMMMmmmmm Teriyaki Chicken!

After a beautiful dinner of Teriyaki chicken, my coleslaw (a fusion of my dad’s and grandma’s) and some rice, I went to bed nice and full. Chuck and I were up and out of the house by 4am.

The drive to Dent Bridge was a lot longer than I expected, but we had the boat in the water by 5:30am. And No kidding, within 30 seconds of having his line in the water, Chuck caught one. It took me a few hours to get my first of the day, but ended with an OK count of 6, while Chuck caught his limit (25), I obviously have a long ways to go!

Here are some pictures from the trip!

Kokanee Beverage, and Kokanee Fish… ๐Ÿ™‚ great pairing.

Captain Chuck

Our Prize


Chuck and I

Happy day all!

until next time!


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Pork Pot Pie

When I’m sitting at home on my 7 day off stretch, I get so bored and I start cooking up these food ideas in my head. Yesterday it was hot dogs with a coney type chili sauce (it was so so). but tonight it’s Pork Pot Pie.

First I bought some Pork loin chops, and cut them up into chunks, and seasoned them with some liquid smoke, pork rub, a pinch of kosher salt and my new favorite sauce, Tabasco Chipotle. I set these in the fridge all day to soak up those flavors.

Then I fried them with some diced potatoes, celery, and onion in my cast iron skillet with some hot olive oil.

meanwhile, I built some pork gravy (about 2 cups) in a small pot. After the veggies and meat were cooked I added them to the gravy, and got my pie crusts ready (just store bought pie crusts). I added my meat/veggie/gravy mixture into the first pie crust, and covered with the second pie crust, and baked according to the pie crust.


after about 20-25 minutes at 350ยบ, we dug in.

It turned out to be different from a regular pot pie, but was pretty darn good still.


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