Project update

I went to viola today to work on my winter project, the stove. I cut the door out, and built hinges.

Here’s the photos. (keep in mind I can’t weld worth a damn, so grandpa/dad had to help me out after I left.)
Used the plasma torch to cut the door out.


Welded hinges on the body, and the door.



The next step will be to weld the body/tank to the base, an old Mack brake drum.

Until next time

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Winter Projects.

While getting wood at Craig’s house I found an awesome junk pile. Old rusty gems.

I did find a couple of old rusty pieces I will hope to use out at the property. Including this tank:


I have some good ideas, and you’ll just have to stay tuned to see what I use it for.

I also found some Auger looking things, that I hope to use as some type of entrance artwork.

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Hideout Visit.

I took a trip up Meadow creek to the hideout. It simply amazes me how much those cows screw things up. Don’t get me wrong, I understand how vital they are to our campsites existence, but at the same time. Jesus…they screw everything up! They kick all my fire pit rocks around, tip over my table, crap all over the place, and are just a general nuisance.

But I was hiking around looking for some fallen trees (Next Year’s firewood) and I stumbled upon this!


I threw a chunk of wood into the creek, looked up and there it was!!! I almost hit it with the wood, and would of been in a world of hurt if I had.

Crazy right? That thing is easily the size of a volleyball. And it’s maybe 25-30 yards from camp. We’ll have to take care of that this winter when the Bees aren’t buzzing in and out of their hive.

In other Hideout related news. Britt and I are trying to find a bus, old camper, or something (As cheap as possible) to use as a makeshift shelter next summer, so we can just say, “Let’s go stay at the hideout” and not have to pack 10,000 things.

I’m currently running down leads for old school busses and what not. I really would like to find one, take all the seats out, and make a camper out of it. But, we’ll see if I can find one at a low cost.

Until next time.


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Doggy Door Project

One thing Britt and I wanted to make sure of when we were apartment hunting a few months back, was that we had a fenced yard, so both of our minds were at ease with the boys (Maclin and Axel).

We did find a place, but the fenced yard was more of a sideyard, and didn’t have an access door. So Britt and I decided to build a Window doggy door.

First off, you need to understand the layout of our apartment. We live in an old house in Genesee, This particular house was split into two apartments, one upper, one lower. We live in the lower apartment. We have stairs leading up to a window, that is then walled off, because it used to be an old staircase from before the house split into two living units.

Ok! So we started by buying a big piece 5/8″ plywood and cut it to the size of our window. From there we made a cutout to fit the doggy door (just a standard $30 doggy door). Then had to add an outline of wood, so that the doggy door would fit properly. From there we threw some paint at it.

Then we screwed on the doggy door, and placed it into the window. 

We just calked the seams, so we didn’t have any water or air come in. As you can see in the picture, we had to sand part of the inside. When we painted it, the wood swelled enough it didn’t fit in the groove of the window. And some of you may be asking how the dogs get from the door to the ground outside? The window is actually only a foot or so from the ground. So we built some stairs out of some cement blocks and gorilla glued them into place.

It’s worked pretty good for our pups the last few months. and was a fun, quick little project.


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Mailbox Project

So a few months ago, I fixed our mailbox. When we moved in it looked like this…

It’s pretty cool looking, but has seen it’s years and thousands of pieces of mail.

So I wanted to do something nice for our landlord, so I fixed it. No, not fixed I guess, replaced. So I went and bought a new mailbox and some wood. and this is what I ended with.

As you can see, totally revamped it. The only regret, is that I put too big of numbers on the side.

Until next time.


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