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Helping Out the Old Man

So Dad had dinner with us the other night, he was due to pick up a Tractor at Wilbur-Ellis here in Genesee the next morning. So, naturally, I was recruited to help. I don’t know where it was going, but I got to help him load it in the freezing cold temperatures. and by god, it was freaking cold!

Here are the pics.

The Tractor:


Dad finishing up the process


Worked out pretty nice, although he busted a hose, and had to rigged it to get by til he could fix it properly.


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Pork Chile Verde

While Britt and I were in Palm Springs, we had some Mexican food at this awesome restaurant Downtown. I had a Pork Chile Verde Burrito. O.M.G. it was SOOO good.

So for News Years Eve Britt and I wanted to cook for Austin and Michele in there new house. So when we did some research, the best, and easiest recipe I found was from So we bought 3.5 lbs of Pork Shoulder and gave it a try. I so wish I would have taken all kinds of pictures of the process, but didn’t want to because we were cooking in our friends new house, and were trying to be as quick as possible.

The recipe was pretty simple, however, the hardest part was finding some of the ingredients. I couldn’t find any tomatillos, but eventually found some canned ones at Winco in Moscow. I later found fresh ones (although they were really expensive) at Rosauers in Moscow. It’s a great hang out, dinner party type of recipe.

Below is the Link to the recipe. so so good! Thank you Food Network!!!

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Winter Project Update

So, as some of you blog followers know, I found this old tank behind Craig Knott’s house, and I  wanted to build something out of it. So here is an update. I’ll probably post a final Before and After photo once I get it painted and looking decent. It’s rough right now. But it’ll get there.

I found some scrap wire weave in the junk pile, so I cut a circle out.


This was the updated hinge, I wanted something I could easily pull out to get the door off.


Here is the door handle, I built from a piece of pipe, and an old truck spring.

Here is the old truck exhaust, complete with a chrome tip (that needs shined up.)


Here is the hole we cut with the plasma cutter to fit the truck exhaust.


After we got it all welded in and set up, we decided to give it a trial run. so we got a fire started in it.


It still needs sanded, cleaned, and painted, but its defiantly a start. should be good to cook on by June with some minor tweaks.



Until next time.

I think that catches me up for the past month. hopefully it doesn’t take me this long to post again.


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Farewell Big Red

On Black Monday (the day all the NFL coaches get fired) the Eagles bid farewell to Andy Reid AKA Big Red, The longest active tenured Coach in the NFL, he had been with the Eagles the previous 14 years, however after a 4-12 season, it was time for a change.

It was fairly bittersweet for me, as Reid is the only coach I’ve known since I’ve been an Eagles fan. I’ve had the opportunity to watch him coach on two occasions, both in Seattle. I don’t know if any of you know how big Reid is, but he is even bigger in person. I was about 10 feet from him at one point, and he is easily 2-2 1/2 of me.

Anyhow, Farewell Reid, I’m sure you won’t be out of coaching long, as it is currently being reported you will be the next head coach of the Chiefs.

Here are my top 5 Eagle Moments under Reid:

5. 4th and 26.

4. Eagles beat Cowboys 44-6 (Romo chokes again).

3. Onside kick to start the 2000 Season vs. Cowboys “Pickle Juice Game”

2. Eagles beat Falcons to go to the Super Bowl

1. Miracle at the Meadow lands 2010


I honestly hope the Eagles go defensive with the next coach, but we shall see. It appears as if they are really high on Oregon’s Chip Kelly and are set to interview him this weekend. We shall see where it goes.



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Wedding Day 12*1*12

So, after a 2 1/2 year engagement, Britt and I finally tied the knot on December 1st. I think/hope everybody had a good time. and as I suspected, 2 kegs was not going to be enough. but here are some of the pictures from a busy day. Almost all the stuff you will see, decorations wise, Britt made. All the center pieces, the cake topper, the smores bar, etc etc. Lol, and Everything is for sale!!!

One of the center pieces Britt made. She did such a great job with all of them, but this is my favorite.


The Smores bar we built. Filled up and ready to go. We donated it to an organization in Potlatch after the wedding.

Our Cake Lady did an absolutely fantastic job. We had about 7 different kinds of cake too. Complete with our Homemade Penguin Toppers. I made the groom, Britt made the Bride. 

A picture of our rings after the ceremony.



This is easily my favorite Picture of us guys while Austin is giving his speech. Scott did a great job too, absolutely amazed at how he stepped up for the whole thing.


Don’t ever buy Almond Champagne. I am not a fan. 

Britt and I playing the Shoe game. DSC_6608-2



Going for the butt grab. DSC_6628


And Lastly, a Big thank you from Mr. and Mrs. Gunderson. and an even bigger thank you to every body that helped the day of. We couldn’t of done it without you. (sidenote; gotta love the blue Nikes)


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