Wedding Day 12*1*12

So, after a 2 1/2 year engagement, Britt and I finally tied the knot on December 1st. I think/hope everybody had a good time. and as I suspected, 2 kegs was not going to be enough. but here are some of the pictures from a busy day. Almost all the stuff you will see, decorations wise, Britt made. All the center pieces, the cake topper, the smores bar, etc etc. Lol, and Everything is for sale!!!

One of the center pieces Britt made. She did such a great job with all of them, but this is my favorite.


The Smores bar we built. Filled up and ready to go. We donated it to an organization in Potlatch after the wedding.

Our Cake Lady did an absolutely fantastic job. We had about 7 different kinds of cake too. Complete with our Homemade Penguin Toppers. I made the groom, Britt made the Bride. 

A picture of our rings after the ceremony.



This is easily my favorite Picture of us guys while Austin is giving his speech. Scott did a great job too, absolutely amazed at how he stepped up for the whole thing.


Don’t ever buy Almond Champagne. I am not a fan. 

Britt and I playing the Shoe game. DSC_6608-2



Going for the butt grab. DSC_6628


And Lastly, a Big thank you from Mr. and Mrs. Gunderson. and an even bigger thank you to every body that helped the day of. We couldn’t of done it without you. (sidenote; gotta love the blue Nikes)


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