Trip to Coeur d’alene 12*15*12

The first weekend after we got back from Palm Springs we went to Coeur d’alene to see and spend the night at our friend’s (Shout out to Austin and Michele) new house. While the Girls had an ‘all-girl’ party, we took Austin’s 18 month old son to Hooter’s for dinner with some Friends. Man that kid was funny. He would break his neck in his high chair trying to look at all the girl’s butts.

After dinner we dropped the little one off with his grand-parents and went out on the town for a bit (first time I’ve been out in CDA). It wasn’t too bad, but the more that I go to bars, the more I realize that I am a simple person, I’d much rather sit around the house with a small group and B.S. over drinks…

Anyhow, getting back to that Saturday night, Austin’s woman wasn’t able to be at our wedding, so we took the pictures, and video up there so she could see Austin’s hilarious speech. and some of the pictures. We had a blast, but had to bounce early to go home to Genesee so we could get our dogs out of there Kennels (My Sister, Shanda, had watched them the night before).

But we had a great time, and I’m happy and thankful I am surrounded by such amazing people.


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