Christmas Festivities. Christmas Festivities

This year was weird, since I switched to Dayshift (and will more than likely be going back to Evenings, unfortunately) I was able to go to Christmas Eve dinner at my Dad’s for the first time in 5 Years. This, like many of the holidays this past year, have been the first since the separation and divorce of my parents, so it was important to him that it be good.

He did a good job, and we played cards til late into the night on Christmas eve and Christmas night, so that was good. I think he really enjoyed that.

Britt and I, since we just got married (which reminds me! I need to blog about that important day!!!), we decided to go pretty light on Christmas for each other, besides, we just got tons of stuff from our most generous friends and family. So she got me some insulated Carhartt bibs, and I got her a bath caddy. And of course we got the boys a little something, b/c we are crazed dog owners, that treat our pups like children.

Anyhow, back to Christmas, as always, Britt’s dad made some AWESOME! Prime rib. his prime rib is so good it’s hard to even eat it at restaurants…Seriously…  and at my grandma’s she made a good prime rib as well. But to the gag gift game. I, for the first time since we’ve been doing the gag gift game drew #1!!!! so I could get whatever I wanted at the end of the game. The biggest problem with the gag gift game, is that EVERYBODY brings gag gifts, so there’s no “good” gifts so nobody steals, and when you get something bad, nobody takes it. So Britt and I have been trying to get my sisters to bring something good, a bottle of booze or something that is attractive to everybody, so it encourages stealing. Anyhow, I picked out at toilet brush and toilet cleaning supplies. With the last pick, I picked out this 5lb Hershey bar that somebody brought. and ended up being a good Samaritan and traded it to my grandma, on the condition she split it with my cousin that I originally stole from.

From there we went back to my Dad’s where we played Phase 10 with Shanda, Gavin, Dad, Britt, and I.

It was a pretty darn good Christmas.

OH! and I forgot to mention the popcorn popper Shaylah got me for camping, you put all the stuff inside of it, and put it over the fire. so along with the apple pie next year, you’ll get popcorn.


P.S. It snowed right around Christmas, so we did have a white Christmas. and it hasn’t left since! it is 20º outside right now. BRRRR.

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