7 Pictures.

I was bored at work, and figured I’d try something new on here. I wan’t to post 7 pictures that sum up my week by day. And I’ll attempt (no promises) to do this every week.

So here goes nothing;

Monday- Helped finish Dad’s table and got it to his house.


Tuesday-I worked on Dad’s xmas present. Pretty much finished, just need to clean it up a little.


Wednesday- I met with Britt after she got off work, ran some errands, then finished shopping for my groomsmen gifts. but it was relaxing in a hot house that was the best part of that day.


Thursday-Thanksgiving! on the new table. (ya, I’m a little proud of the table). Dad got chairs the night before. They match pretty darn good.

Friday- Day after thanksgiving xmas decorating! While I was at work, Britt went to Potlatch and helped her mom decorate (yearly tradition). Britt also grabbed our new xmas tree. (so sad that it’s fake….)

Saturday- Darren and Kori hosted thanksgiving. I got off work a little early so B and I could make it on time. Scott and Darren were supervising the turkey while it was frying. So a few of us supervised them…

Sunday- Just another weekend workday….passed the time by watching some Psych.


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One thought on “7 Pictures.

  1. A good week!

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