Dads Christmas present

So for Dad’s Christmas present, I figured I’d build him something for his revamped/uncluttered Garage. And beings that we are a beer drinking family, I figured I could build him a Cap collage.

First I grabbed some old pieces of wood that I found in his garage when I cleaned it out a month or so ago. Then I painted “Jeff’s Garage” on it.


Then I had to find a 1 1/8″ hole saw. Which was tough to find in a set without buying a brand new one. (I ended up borrowing one from Britt’s dad). So I used Grandpa Chuck’s drill press to ensure even/level holes.



Then Britt and I carefully placed the 102 caps needed to fill every hole.

Then came the hardest part. making the pry-off caps fit. See when you pry off the caps with an opener, it bends the metal so the cap can come free. so I took a pair of plyers and bent them back into shape the best I could….it sucked.

Then Britt and I started glueing them in.image

Then the Finished Product.


The last step will be to shine up the Caps

Merry Christmas Dad.

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