Dad’s Table

Dad needed a new dining room table, and we actually had an old butcher’s block table in the garage (that your’s truely cleaned out a few weeks back). So we decided to strip the paint off the old thing, and stain it a natural wood color. So since I’m closer to Lewiston, I took the table to my grandparents in Clarkston so I could work on it after work with some help/advice from my Grandpa Chuck.

Here’s the table (Before). Ugly, I know.

Then we (That’s Grandpa Chuck) took it apart so we could strip everything properly.

Then we started by stripping one of the legs. expsoing some darn good looking wood. It should stain up nicely.

Then we stripped the table top, and threw some pre-stain on it to help seal up some of the cracks, and prep the wood.


Then we started staining. At first I thought it was going to be too dark. but it turned out pretty good. We stained the legs black so we could have black chairs.

After it dried we threw on a clear coat, and started putting it back together. We got all new hardware for it. Bolts/screws/etc.


And here it is in Dad’s house. Just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.


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