Wood Gettin’

Since Britt and I moved to Genesee, our apartment has a wood stove and baseboard heaters… Well, last year we used the baseboard heaters for a month (cuz we moved in, in january… and didn’t have any wood) well, we paid out our noses to keep our house warm!

So Britt and I decided we would do straight up wood this winter. I spent my last rotation off finding the darn stuff!

Luckily, Britt’s (soon to be mine too!) bro-in-law needed some dead trees cut down at his property, so we got some there. Then that following monday My grandpa and I went up Meadow Creek to try and find some. But we came up empty! Although we did run into some snow.

excuse my blury photos, I took most while I was driving… (Bad I know…)


But as for now, I probably have about a cord or so. so it should last us a month or two.

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