Rusty Dog

So, It’s taken me a while to write about this. I needed the time to heal up some. and It’ll probably get pretty sappy towards the end.

Back when I was younger, I think 4th grade, there was a petting zoo at some event at the Elementary School in Potlatch. Along with the normal farm animals, ducks, goats, chickens, etc., they had puppies. I from the moment I laid eyes on this puppy wanted it. Only one problem at the time: How to convince my parents to let me keep him.

So I ran up to my dad, asked him if I could keep the dog. I remember him telling me to ask my mom (“surely there was no way she will let him get a dog” I’m sure was going through his head). So I ran to my mom, and both parents were unsure, so I resorted to begging. “Please, Please, I’ll take care of him everyday” (I know this vividly, because I get made fun of still over this begging).  And for some reason that day, they gave into my puppy dog eyes, over the puppy dog eyes I had been so overtaken with.

For some reason, I remember really odd random facts. Like I remember losing 10$ in cash that day, because I had the bill in the waistband of my shorts (didn’t have any pockets). I reason I lost this ten dollar bill was because I was sprinting to get my dog my parents had given me the ok for. That sweet little puppy would be named after my favorite racecar driver. Rusty Wallace.

From then on Rusty was nothing short of Man’s best friend. I will always remember the times we used to run around in the woods behind my parents house, or in the fields surrounding them. I’ll also never forget his bout with Parvo, in which he had to stay at the vet for a period of time.

(Here’s an earlier picture of Rusty [left])

He was a fit slender dog for half of his life until we had to start chaining him up in the backyard (Issues with Neighbors [long story and for another time]). That’s when he got fat, even then he lived a long full life, hell, he was with me for more than half of my life as I know it.

I write about this because Britt and I had to have Rusty put down last week. Obviously not an easy decision given how long he has been around. Unfortunetly, the right decisions are not always the easy ones. It didn’t quite hit me until I had loaded him up taking him down to the Vet. As soon as we started driving I lost it. Thankfully Britt was with me, and she gave me the strength to be with him in his final seconds.

We took him up to the only place we thought was apporiate; Meadow Creek. We picked a perfect spot, overlooking the entire meadow. I also found a perfect rock to mark his spot. Now he can watch over the place, and keep an eye on things.

RIP Rusty. I young kid couldn’t of asked for a better dog.

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