Hideout work/update.

The trees I planted from the last time up at the property are still doing ok. Probably need watered more frequently than I have time to do. However, what was on the agenda for this trip was to finish up the last little bit of the hammock project , I wanted to add a 4 pole, to hang a large tarp on, so that both hammocks would be covered. We also wanted to use it as another source of shade, since that is a hot commodity @ our spot.

The other project, was to update the signage at the spot. I wanted to put a sign in to mark Britt and I’s spot, as well as, make the “Lola’s Hideout” sign a little easier to see from the road. and I feel I accomplished both.

Britt and I’s campsite marker.
First I had to find a font I liked, then I had to tape it to the wood. Then using a razor I carefully cut out the letters.image

I wanted to use the cutout as a stencil, but figured the paper was too thin, and would easily bleed and just make the whole piece of wood one big black mark. so, using a trusty sharpie, I traced I
t out.image

Lastly, I used some of Britt’s paints to fill in the lines, and complete the sign. Now I just need to hang it up on the post.

Lola sign

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