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Hideout work/update.

The trees I planted from the last time up at the property are still doing ok. Probably need watered more frequently than I have time to do. However, what was on the agenda for this trip was to finish up the last little bit of the hammock project , I wanted to add a 4 pole, to hang a large tarp on, so that both hammocks would be covered. We also wanted to use it as another source of shade, since that is a hot commodity @ our spot.

The other project, was to update the signage at the spot. I wanted to put a sign in to mark Britt and I’s spot, as well as, make the “Lola’s Hideout” sign a little easier to see from the road. and I feel I accomplished both.

Britt and I’s campsite marker.
First I had to find a font I liked, then I had to tape it to the wood. Then using a razor I carefully cut out the letters.image

I wanted to use the cutout as a stencil, but figured the paper was too thin, and would easily bleed and just make the whole piece of wood one big black mark. so, using a trusty sharpie, I traced I
t out.image

Lastly, I used some of Britt’s paints to fill in the lines, and complete the sign. Now I just need to hang it up on the post.

Lola sign

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Grandad Bridge Trip.

My future Father-in-law invited me to go on an overnight fishing trip with him this past weekend (I know I’m a bit late). Grandad bridge is about 40 miles (give or take) from Dworshack dam. We left last friday for the trip and man, did it take to get there, but it was worth it.

After the 3 hour drive from Potlatch to the bridge, Chuck and I set up camp. I had assumed we would be ruffing it, since the nearest civilation is about 1.5-2 hours away in any direction. However, there is a primitive campground right at the boat launch. When I say primitive, I mean they had bathrooms, but didn’t have running water, or any other modern day “neccesities.”

I was very surprised how much camping gear Chuck has. Stuff that I want, so so bad. he has the perfect camp stove, complete with gridle. And had my camera not crapped out halfway through day one, I would have a ton of pictures, but unfortunetly, I have none.

The first day of fishing was ok. Great for me (If fish was the only meat available and I had to catch it, I would have been a vegitarian years ago…Yes, I’m a terrible fisherman.) Chuck however was not pleased with the results of the first day: 17 Kokanee. Although good sized, he was hoping for the both of us to catch our limit.

After about 10-12 hours on the boat in the blistering sun, I decided to take a swim by camp. and boy, did I forget how much I love to swim. I’m embaressed to say I haven’t gone for a swim in probably 1.5-2 years. Sad, I know.

That night we sat by the fire, BS’d, drank whiskey, and went to bed.

Sidenote; I slept in my hammock for the second straight camping trip. And, I’m not sure I ever want to sleep in a tent again. Regardless of the summer weather.

on Day 2, we fished for a couple hours, only caught 8 fish, making it an even 25 for the trip. I was happy with the haul, Chuck wasn’t as pleased. but we both agreed that we need to do it again next year, only go a few weeks eariler, and make it a long stay.

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This week I’ve been putting in work up at the hideout. Sunday Britt and I got to go up. While I mowed she tested out the hammocks and read a book.
I also sprayed weeds with some weed killer dad bought from the chemical company he sometimes hauls for. Man that stuff kills some grass. I sprayed around the firepit and horseshoe pits to kill the stuff so I don’t have to weed eat later.
Then on Monday I fixed the ditch/lip that was the major obstacle in getting across the meadow. I then put a temporary plastic tube in to divert the water.
Then on Wednesday I transplanted some trees. I’ll be honest, I have no clue how to transplant trees, so hopefully they take and don’t die, because it sure was time consuming.
Hopefullybpeople come camping with us over Labor day, because I sure am putting in a lot of work up there.
Here’s one of the trees I planted.


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