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Our little ones…Part 1

Something I haven’t blogged about in my short time on here is my two beloved dogs. B.Maree and I have had 2 lovely (85% of the time) little Min Pins for a few years now, one black (Maclin) and one red/or chocolate (Axel).

3 years ago, Britt and I decided we needed a dog, so we started looking. At first I wanted, no, I NEEDED a Jack Russell Terrier, it was the only dog I was going to settle, even after reading how anxious and hard to train they could be. Luckily, Britt and some AKC representatives talked me out of it (thank god in hindsight). So we started looking for other small dogs.

One night while working on ICU, I was looking through the classifieds in the paper and spotted a small add with no pictures. The ad said something about AKC registered Miniature Pinscher puppies. To be honest, I’d never heard of the little things before. Never. So, like any internet user I googled it. And Boy, since I hit that search button, I have loved ’em ever since. So obviously I called the number that night while on my lunch and set up a time to meet the sellers the next day.

I remember talking to Britt that night about our prospective pet. I remember Britt trying to tell me to not get my hopes up, that it might not be the right dog, etc, etc.

The next day, an hour before our meeting, we went to Walmart and bought everything we would need for a dog. Leashes, collars, beds, food, bowls, treats, toys, and then some. Then we went and met the owners, and they brought out the smallest little puppy, and as soon as Britt held him, it was over, he was coming home with us and Maclin did.

He has been Britt’s “sweet boy” ever since. He does have some anxiety issues, but we obviously still love him (sometimes he’s so bad, we both don’t know why). I worked really hard with him in the beginning so he would learn some cool tricks. He knows how to sit, lay, roll-over, play dead, jump on cue, just doesn’t know how to not run off!

He has grown on us, and we spoil him like a child. Maclin is set to turn 3 this July (that’s 28 in dog years). His first Birthday (yes we celebrate our dogs birthday’s) we ordered him food from Applebees. and his second Birthday we got him a dog house.



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Campout 6/29-7/1

Britt and I went up to the Hideout to put the finishing touches on the camp (at least for this year) and boy was it hot.

The Friday that we left, Axel and I went up and mowed the grass, while Britt was working her tail off at HRC. Britt and I wanted to pack as little as possible, so we literally took no cooking items. no skillets, no BBQ, no spatulas, no nothing. We were gonna hot dog it, for our two dinners and made a breakfast bake for one morning (we just tossed it into the fire for a couple hours). Really it was a good thing too, because with our project (we’ll get there) we didn’t have a ton of room in the back of my pickup.

This trip was not a leisure trip however, (almost none have been this year!) we had to put these materials to good use.

so, we started digging

and digging

Then once we got the holes dug, we added the tubes, and prepped the concrete.

then we got the Posts you can probably see, they’re hammock stands. We haven’t tested them out yet, the concrete wasn’t set yet, but I’m sure they’ll work just fine.

Anyhow, back to the camping, we had a good time. after we got those posts set, we decided to enjoy the sun for the rest of the day…and boy did we get burnt. Britt and I both had flip flops on, which we have tan lines from, which we call skin-flops. but here are some random pics from the remaining time.

We decided to cut it short by leaving late on saturday, but it turned out to be a good decision as it POURED down rain an hour after we left.



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