Beers, Cigars, and Fish.

So, this may sound crazy, but Ive never fished off of a boat before. So when B.Maree’s dad invited me along for a day of fishing, I jumped at the chance to go.

Our morning was to start pretty early, so Chuck wanted me to just come stay the night at his house, so I cooked them some dinner.

MMMMMMmmmmm Teriyaki Chicken!

After a beautiful dinner of Teriyaki chicken, my coleslaw (a fusion of my dad’s and grandma’s) and some rice, I went to bed nice and full. Chuck and I were up and out of the house by 4am.

The drive to Dent Bridge was a lot longer than I expected, but we had the boat in the water by 5:30am. And No kidding, within 30 seconds of having his line in the water, Chuck caught one. It took me a few hours to get my first of the day, but ended with an OK count of 6, while Chuck caught his limit (25), I obviously have a long ways to go!

Here are some pictures from the trip!

Kokanee Beverage, and Kokanee Fish… 🙂 great pairing.

Captain Chuck

Our Prize


Chuck and I

Happy day all!

until next time!


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One thought on “Beers, Cigars, and Fish.

  1. This is cool Ive never been here before.

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