Our little ones… Part 2

The second half of our children has an equally unique story.

After about a year and a half of having Mac, we decided we needed another dog. so again, we started to look around, but this time (becoming more savvy dog owners) we decided we wanted to do our part and adopt.

Adoption for me is a funny thing, full of pros and cons. Obvious pros; your helping a dog more likely to be euthanized than adopted. However, you’re getting an unkown commodity, does it have temperament issues, is it set in its ways as far as training goes (especially house-training), and does it come from a line of dogs with medical issues, etc. So we knew we were going to adopt, but we also were going to be extremely picky, because we knew we wanted a young dog.

So we took to Pet Finder. At first we wanted to find a dog from around this area, so our distance limit was 100 miles…there was one in (Walla Walla), but we wanted multiple options. Then it was 150 miles…Nothing. then it was 250…Again, nothing. So then we put in 350, and we found our second option, in Portland Oregon. I then contacted both places, and decided that my odds of landing both dogs were slim, so I put an application in for both. And as luck would have it, I was given the rights to both dogs. Now the next dilemma was upon us. Which one do we choose?

The one in Walla Walla was a tan colored Min Pin, had been owned by an older gentleman, who just couldn’t handle him. The Portland dog was a chocolate color, but his story was much more unique. Portland dog was actually from California, the owner of the rescue service/adoption place had gone down to get a few dogs from California. When she arrived, the place where she was getting the dogs said they had 15 more that needed to go or else they would be euthanized at the end of the day. So, she took them, even though she had no room for them. Portland Dog was one of the 15 deemed to be euthanized. So we picked Portland dog (How couldn’t you after hearing that story?). Since we won the rights to both dogs, I talked my mother into taking the Walla Walla dog.

So the next part was traveling all the way to Portland to get our new addition. We borrowed Britt’s mom’s car, and I got a Saturday off from work to go get the little guy. When we got to the Petco where we were to meet our newest puppy, I was so giddy. I was channeling my inner Maclin, I was so anxious. And just like with Maclin, as soon as we saw Axel, held Axel, and walked Axel around the store. We were done, and Axel was our new “baby boy”. So we then embarked on our trip back to Idaho. He was the quietest dog on the way home. We were shocked (based on our prior experiences with Mac).

Boy, did we strike adoption gold. Axel has been an absolute joy to be around. Nothing makes this pup more excited than to play with his beloved ball (one of three that he hides in various places around our house). He has also learned the same tricks as Maclin, but just isn’t as consistent in doing them. But he has learned one thing Mac hasn’t, and that’s to army crawl under our chairs. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch. Now, if Britt or I say “Axel, Hide” he runs and goes under the chair.

However, with the good comes the bad, and like I discussed earlier, there are some pros and cons. Axel, who is blessed with an amazing temperament, is not so blessed medically (nothing serious thank goodness). He had just been neutered when we got him, so his scar site had gotten infected. Then (and this is the most scary one) his immune system was down, which made him prone to a type of mite that dogs usually have on them anyway. this caused him to lose his hair, and boy oh boy, the poor dog looked like death. After about 3 different types of medications we finally got it under control and taken care of (thanks to Dr. Myers).

So that’s it. That’s our dog’s stories. Each is unique, and each has made Britt and I happier than happy, and madder than mad.

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