The Hideout

I returned to Lola’s hideout to see how my camp was looking and maybe do a few things. But first I drove up to Dusty and Kim’s new camp (Yes, camp keystone has moved) just up the road from us, on the other side of Levi’s. He had told us to come check it out the last time, but we just hadn’t gotten up there for whatever reason. Man, do those two know how to set up a camp. Horseshoes, fire pit, benches, picnic table. the works. In all honesty, Dusty and Kim’s work on Levi’s camp (nextdoor to the hideout) was the inspiration behind the hideout, the reason I wanted to build something. I didn’t think about it, but I should of snapped a picture.

It was hotter than hot up there which was nice for a change, the meadow was somewhat dry, but the creek still freezing. My only goal for the day was to build a path from the firepit to the Kitchen area (maybe a path to the horseshoe pit and tent area is in the future as well).

Just starting;When I snapped this picture, I was digging through my toolbox and realized I had forgot my rubber boots at home…so yupp, that meant I was getting in barefoot. (Which is why I know the creek was so damn cold.)

and Finished; (although it could probably use a few more buckets of rock.) I’m not sure if the brick with stay, I threw it down on each side to give me an idea of what it would look like….you tell me? thoughts? of course if it were to line the walk way it would be put in right. not just thrown on each side like it is now.

That’s all I did up there this trip. so I headed home after this picture.

However, while cleaning up, I found a pile of what I think was bear scat right outside the fire pit. That would seem to substantiate the fact that we thought we found a bear track last weekend.

So until next time.


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