Moscow Mountain

Yesterday I took a drive up to the top of Moscow Mountain. I arrived at the top at the same time as a separate couple (a man and his son) as they were going to be biking on various trails for the day.

It was a good couple hour hike. I basically hiked in a giant circle; got to snap a few pictures on the way.

A view of Moscow Mountain from Hwy 95

A view of Moscow from halfway up.

A deer I spotted in a field

A random car off an embankment at the top.

sights from a pretty cool clear cut right off the road (Rock Creek), after I hiked over a ridge. looks to be Potlatch in the far distance

Cool rock formation

Random picture of my hiking boots.:)

Then, as I returned to my pickup, I had packed a small lunch and was eating it at my pickup when this kid comes up, almost in tears. and Mind you, we’re in the middle of no where. It was one of the bikers, the son (maybe 10-12 years old). He wanted to know if he could borrow my phone. when I asked what was wrong and how I could help he just said he and his dad got separated, and he was just scared. poor kid broke down a little when he talked to his mom. Luckily, the kid was at his car, so I stayed with him until his father showed up. His dad had took a ‘shortcut’ that wasn’t short at all and just got behind. So all was well.



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One thought on “Moscow Mountain

  1. Awesome views … and your campsite (Hideout)) looks like the perfect get-away-from-it-all.

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