Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s day y’all.

Saturday, Britt and I took our first trip to the Moscow’s farmers market. We were expecting a lot more produce, but figured it was a little too early for most veggies. We’ll probably make some trips there later, and hopefully down to Andy and Cenone’s eventually to pick some produce. MMMMMmmmmm, their stuff last year was delish. I made an awesome chicken corn chowder.

Anyhow, while at the farmers market Britt and I grabbed some homemade raspberry jam, God I love that stuff. We also had some breakfast burritos from Patty’s Mexican Grill, easily our favorite Mexican place. Good Stuff, if you haven’t had it before, get your butts in there and try it!

After the market we headed to Potlatch to spend some time with Britt’s dad for an early father’s day get together. We grilled some hamburgers and enjoyed some brews. it was a good time, especially since Britt’s brother and kids were over for the weekend.

Today, Dad and I went out to the hideout to do some father’s day hiking. Had a blast, Boy do I love going up there. Here are some pictures.

just on the other side of the creek.

You can’t really tell, but dad and I stumbled upon a Deer and her young one bedded down. you can just barely see a few spots. We were going to take some better pictures on our way back, but they had moved.

A view from the top

Dad taking some pictures.

a Track we found. Britt’s dad thought it was probably a bear.

and lastly, the meadow was a little muddy, and my tires on their last legs. so we got stuck. a little….

we made it out though…

So with that, Happy Fathers day.


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