Pork Pot Pie

When I’m sitting at home on my 7 day off stretch, I get so bored and I start cooking up these food ideas in my head. Yesterday it was hot dogs with a coney type chili sauce (it was so so). but tonight it’s Pork Pot Pie.

First I bought some Pork loin chops, and cut them up into chunks, and seasoned them with some liquid smoke, pork rub, a pinch of kosher salt and my new favorite sauce, Tabasco Chipotle. I set these in the fridge all day to soak up those flavors.

Then I fried them with some diced potatoes, celery, and onion in my cast iron skillet with some hot olive oil.

meanwhile, I built some pork gravy (about 2 cups) in a small pot. After the veggies and meat were cooked I added them to the gravy, and got my pie crusts ready (just store bought pie crusts). I added my meat/veggie/gravy mixture into the first pie crust, and covered with the second pie crust, and baked according to the pie crust.


after about 20-25 minutes at 350º, we dug in.

It turned out to be different from a regular pot pie, but was pretty darn good still.


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