Camping 6/1-6/3

First of all, It was my birthday last Thursday, I want to thank everybody for the warm words and gifts. Thanks to all. and Thanks, most importantly, to my B.Maree for making my day so wonderful.

OH! and thanks to Britts parents for making me a wonderful birthday dinner. Prime Rib, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, salad, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. so so good. Chuck & Terry really knows how to cook a prime rib.


B.Maree and I took our first weekend trip up to the hideout, we had a pretty good time. I took stuff up to the hideout Friday morning, while Britt was working. When I got done mowing the hideout grass, I headed back to town. When I got back to town my pickup started running like absolute crap. Missing, no power, the works. Well, thankfully Britt’s dad helped me out and we got it fixed before Britt and I headed out to camp.

I got to enjoy my new tent courtesy of B.Maree as a birthday gift. 🙂

It was nice to go up to the hideout and not have a ton of work to do. We took our testie toss game up there, and I got some horseshoes to replace my lost set. We had a good time, and even garnered enough courage to let both of our beloved dogs off the leashes for a good portion of the trip. They both did pretty good for the most part, we figured Maclin would have some issues, and sure enough, he did. During the 12 hours of rain, Britt and I decided to take a drive up the hill, well, after talking to some friends we met on the road, my window down. Out goes Maclin, and down the road he ran. As many of you can imagine, I was PISSED. After about a mile of chasing the little bastard, I caught him; He was in some serious trouble. After we returned to camp, it stopped raining and was actually a pretty nice day.

Dusty and Kim (Keystone camp Founders and Cousins) joined us for a bit. Dusty is really one of the funniest people I know. It was great to see them, and to know where their new camp is going to be located. I got a lot, and I mean a lot of my ideas from Dusty’s camp. Those two spend, what seems like, almost every weekend up there.

After a long day, Britt, Shaylah, Tyson, and I all just chilled around the fire, and enjoyed some drinks. Shaylah broke out the Smore stuff at one point, and my god she is experimental (in a good way). She is always buying different types of chocolate bars to try on Smores. This time the big winner (for me) was Twix. OMG. a must try.

Britt even shot my pistols at one point. 🙂 I was so proud of her. She enjoyed the .22 a little more than the .40. Though, I can’t blame her. She also helped my cut some firewood. which we just cut up some downed trees. She really is my soul mate. I love her so much.

Hopefully we will try to get up there next month for a weekend or so. I’m excited to go again already.


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