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Off and Running.

Here goes nothing.

So one thing that I have learned that I love to do is build things. Now that I’ve started a new job at the hospital (after my previous unit closed) and now work days, I have all this free time. Each week I come up with some type of project to do while not working. My latest finished (yet ongoing) project was updating our campsite on Meadow Creek outside Harvard, Idaho.


Well, A couple of things we did just last weekend was put in some horseshoe pits and added a tall picnic style table for cooking. Projects that my Step-Grandfather (Chuck) helped me out with.

The Table:Image

The Pits: well backstops


The next step was to get them out to Meadow Creek and installed. Which B. Maree graciously helped me with. and I really don’t think I could of done it without her.

Sure we wanted to get out to our camp site, but this meant crossing the Meadow, which this time of year its more like a swamp. but we braved it anyway, the Little ‘yota can go anywhere! And as expected, it was muddy, but nothing this ‘yota couldn’t handle.

Anyhow, on to the task at hand; Start Digging!

ImageB. Maree putting in work;ImageWith one pit completed, we decided it was time for lunch. Which we made on our newly constructed cooking table;ImageAfter we finished the second pit it was time to add some sand. We got the first layer from the creek;

Horeshoes anyone?

Then lastly, I had some leftover wood that I wanted to build some type of sign out of. I left it up to britt to come up with a name. She Came up with ‘Lola’a Hideout’ which is my grandmothers (and my great grandmas) first names, which is who owns the property.

The next Meadow Creek project is likely to be updating the firepit. Making it deeper and larger to accommodate more people so stay tuned!

Go Eagles


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