The Hideout Update.

First off, I wanna congratulate my buddy Austin in graduating from Electrician school. Graduation party was fun Saturday night. Sunday Morning wasn’t so fun, but Terry greeted me with a cup of coffee. At least I didn’t wake up on Britt’s parents bathroom floor. Congrats Bud

Anyhow, I had taken some rocks up to the Hideout earlier in the week and Shaylah was nice enough to help me created a better firepit. She did a good job.

So it turned out pretty good.

after Shaylah and I got this pit all together and my camping stuff unloaded, we called it a day.

Then Dad helped me out up there for quite a bit. we got some rock (from the creek) and laid it around the fire pit.

The high priority of the day was to build a small brick BBQ out of the leftover brick from last years BBQ Pit project. So we started it. And as we learned last year, and learned again this year, we are not a family of masons….(excuse the blurry picture)

And then we added some creek rock to our normal kitchen area. (you can see the finished brick BBQ off to the left) [again excuse the blurry pix]

After we got that finished dad and I cut up some fallen trees and got some wood stock piled. then we cooked some camp improvised dinner.

Then Cooked it on our improvised stove (since our BBQ was still drying)

After dinner I cut up one more fallen tree, and then came the rain. I slept in the tent for quite a while, but then at 3 am the Thunder and Lightning came. and it rained some more. so after a quick breakfast I finished filling the horseshoe pits and got the heck out of there. I did get one good picture of the camp in whole.

It’s still a work in progress, but its starting to come together.

The two big things that need to happen are A) we need to figure out a way to get across the creek, and B) build a small foot bridge to connect main part of the camp to the horseshoe pits on the left…over the small ditch.

I am kinda anxious to put up a trail came and see if I can catch some wolves going through our camp while we are not there. There have been multiple sightings down the road at Jack’s.

until next time


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