Operation; Find Cope

Today B. Maree called me at about 9am to tell me that her brother’s dog (Cope) had gone missing. Well, beings that I was low censused from work I figured I’d go help out with the search efforts. Oh boy…I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

After about 4 hours of searching B. Maree and I decided it was time to go back to her parents to get some lunch and hatch out another plan. After eating a quick meal we decided we would return to the stretch of highway he was last seen. Assuming the worst after 4+ hours of being missing, we started combing the ditches. I went one way, Terry (B. Maree’s mom) and B. Maree went the opposite direction. Well I went searching and was under a railroad bridge; then under the bridge that crosses the Palouse river. Then I started to hear someone call “Cope! Cope!” I just assumed it was B. Maree and her mother, but then I saw somebody, at the rock pit near my buddy Zach’s house.

When I looked up to see who was calling Cope’s name I realized it wasn’t B. Maree, it was one of Brittany’s Brother’s friends who had joined the search. And she had spotted and had caught, none other than Cope. I ran to her to assist with the catch, and boy oh boy did he fight. Cope was so scared he didn’t wanna be taken by some stranger that he bit me. right on the hand. damn dog.


But we got him home safe and sound.

He was obviously a bit taxed from such a long day out in the elements and was starting to get overheated when we found him. But luckily we did find him when we did.

B. Maree checking him over for wounds. He got into some barbed wire at some point. it was really the only thing he had wrong, and considering the truck traffic on Highway 95, he’s damn lucky to be alive.

Operation Find Cope was a success, luckily. He is back at B.Maree’s parents house and is already making himself at home again.

Thanks to everybody that helped find him today.


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One thought on “Operation; Find Cope

  1. Rian Taggart

    Thanks to all who did everyting to find my wifes little boy

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